Lu Ye ~ Singing for the Pope Francis' birhtday and Christmas concert in Rome Italy on 20 Dec. 2013

Lu Ye ~ Special Guest to the " Actors Studio " in New York, Dec. 2013 

Lu Ye ~ Soprano solo at " Festival Magliano Ti amo ", in July 2013, broadcasted by RaiNews24 

Lu Ye ~ Madrina at " Premio Braille " Rome, in July 2013,
           broadcasted by Italian National television  RaiUno 

Lu Ye ~ Actress / Presenter
           at first edition of Italian Film Festival " Green Road Movie Festival ",
           presenter for the closing night in July 2013, broadcasted by RaiNews24                         

Lu Ye ~ Soprano Solo at " Premio Letterario Cimitile "  
           broadcasted by Italian National television Rai Uno in June 2013

Masterclass with renowned European Tenor Marcello Bedoni in May 2013.


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